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Use shrink wrap to improve brand and customer satisfaction


Consumers are become more environmentally conscious and are altering their buying habits to include these new values. This has lead the way for a revolution in consumer-focused packaging. Over the past year, multiple brands have announced their goal to improve packaging and offer consumers more sustainable, environmentally friendly products. Brands from large national powerhouses to smaller, independent stores have announced plans to increase sustainable packaging efforts and appeal to environmentally conscious consumers.

This is to increase the sealing and shrinking machine packaging market the main driving force. From frozen meals to fresh produce, seal packaging has opened a range of opportunities for consumer-focused packaging.Our sealing and shrinking machine for sealing equipment offer packers high-quality films, with an assortment of consumer-focused options for improved functionality and increased consumer satisfaction.


Could you use another couple of days of freshness? How about extra weeks? WIN-WIN PACK shrink wrap films form complete, hermetic seals allowing for varying levels of atmosphere control. From air controlling micro and macro ventilation to the completely modified atmosphere, WIN-WIN PACK shrink wrap films help extend produce shelf life and ensure it arrives to market as fresh as the day it was picked.

Other benefits provided to Growers include:

1.Matte or Gloss Finish

2.Custom Fit Designs to Tray Size

3.Center or Corner Pull Options

4.Increased Branding Surface