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shrink system gains popularity in emerging nations


Packaging is a key step in keeping food products safe to eat, plus proper packaging enables easier and more successful transportation of consumable products. Various types of packaging techniques are being adopted globally as a result of the growing desire for better, more wholesome food. When it comes to securing a food product from damage and improving its shelf life, shrink packaging using shrink tunnel is playing an increasingly important role.

Sealing and shrinking machine, used in conjunction with shrink film, can form a very tight seal that is useful for safeguarding food products from pests, moisture, airborne contaminants, and dust. It can extend freshness considerably. Shrink packaging is used commonly for food packaging in the industrialized nations. Now its use is growing in developing countries where access to packaged food is expanding beyond the local marketplace. A rise in industrial development in these countries greatly affects the growth potential of the global packaging industry.


Concepts such as automated ‘Smart Factories’ demand the use of modern packaging systems for contaminant-free packaging of finished products, thereby boosting the market growth for shrink packaging materials and equipment. Increasing food quality awareness among consumers plus a rise in environment concerns are making food manufacturers more conscious about following modern packaging practices, thereby fueling growth of the shrink packaging market.