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Express packing machine



Power supply:220V 50/60Hz ≤2kw 

Packing size:100mm 

Cutter size:L550×W450mm 

Product dimensions:L+h≦500W+H≦430mm h≦100 

Machine dimension:1830*850*1550mm(The actual size shall prevail) 

Packing speed:10~20pcs/min 

Air pressure:5.5KG/cm2 

Product description:

Edge sealing express packing machine is an automatic operation of sleeve film sealing and cutting packaging machine, widely used in the mass production of packaging flow operations, high efficiency, automatic film feeding and punching, automatic sleeve film sealing and cutting, automatic waste coiling;Only manual adjustment of the film guide system and manual adjustment of the feeding platform, suitable for different widths and heights of products.With automatic, automatic feeding, length can also be automatically adjusted by the combination of electric eye and timer.Equipped with induction motor, automatic waste coiling.

1.When the size of the package changes, the adjustment is simple, no need to change the mold and bag maker

2.Different sizes of products can also be combined with packaging, in order to achieve promotional effect.

3.Using the original "Omron" digital temperature controller, built-in PID function, sealing knife temperature is very sensitive and accurate, can be set at will.Do not have to worry about the temperature is not accurate damage to the product, sealing knife itself also has automatic protection function, effectively prevent the wrong cut packaging.

4.The sealing and cutting part of the machine is equipped with protective cover, which greatly improves the safety of operators.

5.The complete set of machines is truly connected to the unmanned operation of the production line.

6.Specially designed film up and down synchronization mechanism to correct film deviation.

Packaging case:

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