• Job title:Overseas network promotion specialistDongguan - qingxi | 1 year experience in | Junior college | Recruit 1 people

    job description:1. Responsible for advertising and SEO optimization outside the overseas sales platform;Provide the company with relevant marketing and product publicity materials;
    2. Familiar with overseas social media integrated marketing, such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, SNS, Eesls, BBS, EDM, etc.;
    3. Conducted marketing promotion through video, blog, BBS, social contact, circle of friends, search engine, etc.;
    4. Regularly track and evaluate the promotion effect, submit the recitation analysis report of the promotion effect, propose marketing improvement measures in time, and provide feasible improvement plans.
    Job requirements:
    1. College degree or above, cet-4 or above, good English writing and reading ability;
    2. More than one year of overseas network marketing and promotion experience;
    3. Familiar with overseas promotion channels, BBS and its characteristics;
    4. Able to drain the company's products according to the specified requirements, achieve quantitative goals, and be able to work under pressure;
    5. Familiar with Google search engine seo principles and strategies, familiar with English website seo optimization work.

  • Job title:Foreign trade salesmanDongguan - qingxi | 1 year experience in | Junior college | Recruit 2 people

    job description:1. Dare to challenge myself, challenge high salary, can bear hardships and stand hard work, diligent and pragmatic, proactive, with good team spirit;Strong executive force, able to work under pressure, committed to long-term foreign trade industry.
    2. Major requirements: college degree or above.International trade, business English and related majors.
    Professional requirements:
    1. Good English listening, reading and writing skills, able to write foreign trade business letters quickly, good oral English;
    2. Familiar with foreign trade process, able to understand the whole process from finding customers to delivering orders and shipping
    At least 3 years foreign trade experience, background operation experience of alibaba international station is preferred
    Job description:
    1. Explore overseas markets through Google, exhibition or other platforms, seek to track overseas customers, sort out and reply to enquiries and do follow-up work in the later stage;
    2. Keep abreast of market information, maintain the background data of the company's website and network platform and promote it
    3. Maintain good communication with customers, maintain customer relations, and be responsible for product sales and promotion in foreign markets
    4. Master customer needs, take the initiative to develop, and complete the target tasks set by the team